About JMJ Foodlink

Established in 2017, JMJ Foodlink & Li’L baked fine cookies are the brainchild of Jay, Meet and Jasmin Savani, all youngsters of 25, 22 and 30 years of age respectively. Their ideas and motivations have been inspired by the higher standard of living they experienced in their travels and travails abroad, including the inspiration for Li’L Baked, as cookies are abundantly bought and sold in western countries. Their families belong to the prosperous P.P. Savani Group which is engaged in world class businesses in Surat City, as well as education, health and social services.

Surat is one of the fastest developing cities in India and the world. Standard of living is rising very fast, and the 3 brothers thought the time was perfect to bring a world-class authentic cookie brand of the highest standards to India. The fact that they had been running a bakery successfully for 3 years in parallel to planning JMJ Foodlink helped the setup.

They have developed a unique cookie, in multiple flavours, which has a blend of mouth-watering crunchy texture as well as mouth-melting feel, made with the finest refined whole wheat flour.

Our Vision

JMJ Foodlink is capable to manufacturing 13 Metric tonnes of cookies per day. In next five years, their vision is to upgrade to manufacturing 35 Metric Tonnes, with more healthy and tasty cookies to cater in the domestic market as well as the International market.

Our Mission

The JMJ Vision is to become one of the most premium yet affordable brands of foodstuffs, baked goods and cookies. The best need not cost the most.

Our Strengths

The strength of the entrepreneurs is their experience, their family background and support, their education and vision, the great growth story of Surat, Gujarat and India; and finally everything coming together eat the same time. They have built a strong fortress to build their empire. JMJ Foodlink is certified ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2005. The stringent quality checks ensure that the output is always up to the mark. All units pass through multiple checks before they get dispatched, so that there is no chance of a mistake.